Don’t Run Away, Find a Way

Finding a way to face a problem or difficult situation is a tough task in and of itself. If you do tackle a problem, you may not choose the correct solution, but the act of choosing and the learning that comes from experience help to build you up as a person and a leader.

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Ethos of Action

Here’s a good question to ask yourself about your goal or idea: if I don’t tell anyone about my plan does it affect my ability to execute it? If not, then talking about it prior to doing it for praise and validation on a job not started, and that is a dangerous space to occupy (especially for a procrastinator like me).

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Why Failing Doesn’t Mean Failed

Being in the process of failing doesn’t mean full-stop failed. It means that there is an opportunity for learning and success. Sure, if nothing changes, apathy sets in, situations spin out of control, and then it can be a straight shot from failing to failed.

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